You’re almost there. You’re holding a fresh printout of your work just before making a submission. Whether it’s a blog, article or book, I value your words because they have something to say. That’s why my proofreading makes sure your words are at their best.

Right now, you just want to hand over your work to be published. But remember, your brain is exceptionally good at seeing what it wants to see and making sense of the nonsensical; your eyes can become blind to those pesky unintentional mistakes.

Unlike copy-editing, proofreading is not about structural reworks or questioning the finer points of linguistic craft; you set me a brief of things to check and I use my specialist skills to deliver your needs.

Proofreading includes:

  • correcting spelling and grammatical errors
  • questioning anything ambiguous or jarring
  • making sure the design and typography are consistent and logical
  • checking captions, illustrations and footnotes
  • spotting any irregularity in numbering, bullets and lists.

I’ll be very happy to proofread your work using BSI symbols or tracking changes.

Feel free to get in touch by completing and sending the form on the contact page or by mailing me on Making mistakes is normal, but managing them correctly helps you and your work grow stronger.